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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Weekend Daily: Visitor Style!

This weekend, Dan's mom visited! We had a great time just going around town, shopping and eating. Riley also had a vacation of sorts---she went to Doggie Day Camp at Petsmart! {highly recommended--she loved it!}

Some photos from our weekend. Come again soon, Cathy!

Above: We found some great deals here. And some unique items too. See below:

I also picked up some really delish cranberry juice and drank the whole bottle in 1.5 days!
Riley had a little adventure herself this weekend. She went to Doggie Day Camp at PetsMart and let me tell you, this place is a Godsend! She plays all day, eats doggie ice cream and can even watch doggie themed tv shows. Best of all, she gets lots of play time with other dogs at the camp. I especially love that she gets to interact with other dogs--I want her to be well socialized and not scared/mean to other dogs she sees. Another bonus? When she gets home she is TIRED. Sleeps through the entire night! Woo hoo!
We also took a quick trip to our favorite little shaved ice spot and snapped these really flattering shots....
Just a note: If we have that slightly crazed look in our eyes it's only because it took a few shots to get us  both in the shot.

We had a great weekend! Lots of fun and time with family is always nice! Last night, as we were relaxing at home I snapped the below shot of one our beautiful Arizona sunsets.

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