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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been a Little MIA

I have been neglecting this blog. It's true. But not intentional. We have been so busy! I don't have a lot of words, {they'll come soon} but I do have a lot of pictures, for now.

Above: Dan and I love spring training. It is such a great time in Arizona! We visited a Brewers game a few weeks ago. It was a lovely day.

Above: A little wedding {!} shoes shopping, but no buying just yet.....

Above: Dan surprised me about a month ago with a trip to the San Luis Obispo, California. We love it there. On the first night we visited the very popular downtown farmer's market.

Above: The weather was kind of gloomy....{Avila Beach, CA pier}

Above: But we made the best of it!

Above: And ate a lot of meals like this....

We have been busy, but happy. Last night, we saw an advanced screening of The Hunger Games!! Only the most exciting thing to happen ever!! {just kidding, not ever, but close} Check back here on Friday for a review of the movie!

What have you been up to lately?

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